Our Farm

Bliss Barn, Bliss Woods, Bliss Garden & Bliss House

Bliss Barn

Built in 1921, Bliss Barn stands today as a sturdy reminder of the bygone era of a simple and picturesque farm life. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, our father, Robert Kelsay, purchased the Bliss property in 1982.  Like the barn itself, Bob Kelsay, was a man of quality and steadfast character. He was a humble man, devoted to his family, and dedicated to the peace and unity of the entire human family. Stepping out in faith to buy Bliss Barn a year before he died, he was never to know what would become of the farm. Our father’s joy lingers in the old wooden beams, his thoughtful recollections rest in the hayloft and his inspired vision in the cathedral ceiling.

This old barn comes to life when family and friends gather here in dedication and love.

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Bliss House

Located adjacent to Bliss Barn, this old farmhouse has been renovated to make the perfect setting for a bride and her ladies to relax and prepare for the special day. With five bedrooms, the home sleeps 12 people. Two bathrooms and a full room “salon” provide plenty of mirror space for the bridal party. The house is available to the bride and her guests for the duration of her stay. Join us at Bliss and have a sweet encounter with your lovely ladies on the farm.

The Covered Patio and Green Spaces – enjoy the watering hole on the covered patio and the relaxing spread of open lawn, which is all included in the Bliss Barn experience. Sit outside under the twinkling lights, play games in the yard, or simply sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the twilight on the eve of your special day. This is all available to you and your friends and family at Bliss.

Bliss Garden

The fancy and formal setting of the English garden is found directly behind Bliss Barn. The garden charms us with symmetry and adds a hint of sophistication to the rustic surroundings of Bliss. Capturing the grace and beauty of a refined era and inspiring thoughtful reflection, Bliss Garden is the perfect location to share the quiet moments of your special day.


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Building Bliss

Repurposing this old barn has been an amazing adventure! We trust you will enjoy the beauty of the natural setting in this timeless structure. Our hope is to bring joy to many families who come together to share special moments in life!